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Carbide Drill Bitscost more than steel or titanium coated drill bits, but last longer and maintain sharpness.  Typically used in drilling stainless steel. 140 Self centering split point, 2-Flutes. Available Sizes and Prices

Jobber Drills:  most common type of drill bit. 118 and 135 Split Point, Wire Sizes, Letter Sizes and Fractional Sizes.  Letter, Wire, Fractional Sizes.   Metric Sizes


High Speed Drill Bits: (HSS)  harder than steel blades and stay sharper longer.  Available in Cobalt, Titanium, NAS907, Surface Treated. Available Types, Sizes and Prices


Long Length Drill Bits:  8" and 12" Length, HSS, Available Types, Sizes and Prices


Masonry Drill Bits:  Carbide Tipped, Helix and Reduced Shanks.  Available Types, Sizes and Prices


Coolant Hole Drill Bits: Straight Shank, Fluted  Available Types, Sizes and Prices


Morse Taper Holder Drill Bits: Made to fit Morse tapered holders. Designed to perform in a broad range of materials in the iron and steel families. Available Types, Sizes and Prices


Tanged Shank Drill Bits:  HSS and Automotive, 118 Notched Point  Available Types, Sizes and Prices


Taper Shank Drill Bits:  HSS, Surface Treated, 118 Split Point  Available Types, Sizes and Prices


Twist Drills:  HSS, 1/2" Shank, Surface Treated, Bright Diameter, 118 Point  Available Types, Sizes and Prices

Core Straight Shanks:  Used to size or enlarge cored, punched or other pre formed holes; not designed to drill from solid. Operates at heavier feeds than 2 flute drills since chiploads are spread over a greater number of cutting edges. Reduce regular drill speed 25% and double the feed rate.  Available Prices and Sizes


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